Putting an End To the Camby Trade Madness

Posted: 28th December 2009 by Jose Salviati in NBA
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Should I stay or should I go?á The Clash's 1981 hit is the Clippers' 2009 predicament.

Having travelled down a long and lonely road for years, decades, the Clippers find themselves at a fork.á To the right is a road out of perennial has-been status towards the NBA elite.á To the left is a road that U-turns the franchise back to where it came from.

The decision on which road to take isn't based on a single decision but on a lot of little ones.á Like most forks in the road, it won't be clear which direction the Clippers went until they are well on their way down the path their decisions led them.

The Clippers have been here before and always seemed to pick the U-turn.á Not just poor drafts but embarrassingly poor drafts combined with no activity in the free a ...

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Article written by Jose Salviati

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