One Basketbal Fan’s Painful Admission About the Triangle Offense

Posted: 24th December 2009 by Jose Salviati in NBA
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As a kid I hated onions.á Now, to the dismay of those unfortunate enough to be within sniffing distance of me after lunch, I love them.

Never cared for school when I was forced to attend.á Now, I love learning new things and don't enjoy not understanding something.

Reading and writing were as necessary as two extra teeth embedded in my elbow growing up.á Today, I can't go a day without indulging in one or the other.á Most days, I do both.

When the Bulls were winning all those championships I watched their games, like most everyone else did, to watch Michael Jordan.á I didn't watch because their offense was all that exciting.á Honestly, it was boring.

There was no point guard to speak of.á I was born into basketball watching Magic Johnson look ...

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