Officiating Changes? Please and Thank You, NBA

Posted: 11th September 2009 by Nicole Saavedra in NBA
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I’ve never truly contemplated sending a thank-you card to a professional sporting league before. I mean, I thank people for birthday presents and holiday gifts, but sending a nice Hallmark card (or at the very least, a spiffy e-card) to a sporting league before? To be honest, it had never really crossed my mind.

Until now.

I’m at my computer. I cruise over to the ESPN's home page. My eyes fall upon the headline for Marc Stein’s article: “NBA Referees Expect to be Locked Out on Oct. 1.” Naturally, I click. I read. And the first thing I think is not “Wow, what does this mean for the season?” It’s not even “Those poor underpaid referees with bad retirement packages. How dare the league slight them like this!” N ...

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