Iverson Isn’t The Answer, Until He Overrides Selfishness, Ego

Posted: 27th November 2009 by Jonathan Mathis in NBA
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Theágreatest little man stood up,áand survivedáthe tallest men in sports.áOf course, everyone was intrigued wheneveráAllen Iverson had tough-minded and dynamic performances, whicháattractedáfans across the world. He entertained usámagnifyingáchildren as a role model, in which he wasáidolizedáandáhis singular actions wereáimitated on a regular. At 34, Iverson has prospered inátriumph, entering the season with the fifth-highest scoring record in NBA history. But, as we know,álingeringáflawsáare battering and forced Iverson to announce an earlyáretirement on Wednesday.áThis is an outlandish and corrupt wayáfor a future Hall of Famer to end a lifelong career, rememberedámainly foráneedlessáinterrupts.áFrom most perspectives, his fame isn't anywhere near destruction,áan ...

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Article written by Jonathan Mathis

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