Deposing Lebron James Was a Good Thing for the NBA

Posted: 18th May 2010 by Frances White in NBA
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Ever since David Stern masterminded his ingenious plan to pump NBA marketing dollars into individuals, the modern game has thrived.  It has brought back the casual fans, who are big on name recognition.  It began with the ascension of Michael Jordan and, let us hope, ends with the dethroning of the self-anointed NBA King, Lebron James.  For two years running LBJ has used the regular season as his personal "And 1" video playground.  Five years before that he was dubbed "The Best;" before he even laced up for the NBA.  His first outing he dropped 25 points and thus began the speculation and the culmination of unfulfilled dreams and expectations. Jordan never had the weight of a city's economic future in his hands.  You can argue he did make an impact in Chicag ...

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