Consensus NBA Power Rankings

Posted: 21st December 2009 by Ethan McVansen in NBA
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To see which teams are playing well right now, a fan can look in several different areas. comes out with a weekly power rankings article, and does the same. John Hollinger of ESPN does a daily power ranking based on a systematic view of how well teams are playing. ESPN also allows fans to rank the teams from 1-30, and you can view those results. Of course, you can also look at the standings. This article combines all of those. A consensus power ranking from 5 different sources added up and taken the average of. The tie going to the team ahead in the standings. Lakers (average ranking: 1.4) Celtics (average ranking: 2.0) Magic (average ranking: 3.2) Hawks (average ranking: 4.0) Mavericks (average ranking: 6.0) Cavaliers (average ranking: 6.0) Nuggetsá(average ranking: 6.4 ...

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Article written by Ethan McVansen

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