Clippers-Nuggets: No Announcers, No Problem

Posted: 21st November 2009 by Jose Salviati in NBA
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It's sad when the game becomes an afterthought. Think back to the 1989 World Series. áThe story should have been the all No-Cal Series, The Battle of the Bay, but instead thatámatch-upáwill forever be known as the EarthquakeáWorld Series. The 2006 Soccer world Cup was marred by a Zidane headbutt. áMost casual fans of the game, which would represent most soccer fans in the US, will remember that loss of control rather than the eventual Champion. áIt was Italy. Last night the Clippers finally were able to put a full game together and defeated the Denver Nuggets. áThey have had leads before but never showed the composure necessary toámaintaináthem. á Until last night. Last night, the Clipper bench out scored theáNugsá54-21. áLast night the Clippers looked like a team ready to mak ...

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Article written by Jose Salviati

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