2010 NBA Finals: Stop the Flopping!

Posted: 8th June 2010 by Hardcourt Mayhem in NBA
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Pictured: Royal flop The refs are catching lots of heat right now for nervously blowing their damn whistles whenever there’s contact—and yes, they’ve made LOTS of terrible calls in these Finals. But consider the possibility that they’re being deceived by Oscar-worthy actors, masters of deception who deliberately mess with the integrity of the game.

Rajon Rondo is extremely skilled at the artful tumble. Set a good pick on him and down he goes. He flails around like a dying fish out there.

Derek Fisher (yes, I just used ‘fish’ as a segue—ugh) is also proficient in throwing himself to the hardwood in dramatic fashion. Each year, he’s among the league leaders in charges taken. Pau Gasol’s been known to ...

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