10 Questions for Celtics Stuff Live’s Jon Duke

Posted: 9th December 2009 by Loscy Loscy in NBA
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Be sure to read the original article at http://loscy.com . If youÆre reading this blog, you might be one of the following: A) a die hard Celtics fan B) a casual basketball fan that likes to laugh at what a homer might say C) my mother D) a realist basketball lover that likes to read mind-boggling, cut-throat analysis of a game we all love E) a very nice friend If you are either A, B, or D, then you probably know about one of the best basketball podcasts out on the net: Celtics Stuff Live . Jon (@csl_duke), Justin (@csl_justin), and Kevin (@henkink) do a fabulous job of bringing together wonderful Celtics analysis that has plenty of humor organically woven into the show. You can catch their podcast every Sunday night when Jon, Justin, and Kevin have a special guest (such as Mike Gorman, ...

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