Yankees’ Johnny Damon Wasn’t Always My Homeboy

Posted: 21st December 2009 by Farrah Kaye in MLB
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Remember the good ol' days of baseball? á The Yankees were Pedro Martinez's daddy (or was it the other way around? It still is unclear, but either way, someone has daddy issues...) and Johnny Damon was Boston's homeboy. á My, a lot has changed since then. á I remember when Damon came to the Yankees. á It wasn't because I read it on the Internet or saw it on ESPN. It was because my uncles were so upset I could hear them crying all the way from NY. á Back then, Damon was known for his homely looks, often compared to Jesus. á All over, ôJesus Is My Homeboyö t-shirts were the rage, as vintage clothes were coming back. á It didn't take long for the JohnnyùJesus comparison to take flight. á And so ôJohnny Damon Is My Homeboyö was born. á The only problem was that back then he playe ...

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Article written by Farrah Kaye

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