Why Now May Be the Best Time To Trade Prince Fielder

Posted: 18th October 2009 by Boris Yovchev in MLB
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á Milwaukee fans are used to seeing the above joyful celebration between Braun and Fielder, the two young faces of the Brewers franchise. They are the ones people associate with the positive change that has taken place in recent years. áThey are the ones fans buy tickets to watch more than anyone else on the current Brewers roster. áThey are the ones fans of other teams think of first upon hearing the name of the Brewers franchise. But they are also the ones that will cost more money than anyone else on this team in the long run. á All signs indicate that Fielder will turn down an offer from the Brewers arriving before he is able to test the market. áHe already did it once and there is no doubt that Scott Boras will seek the most lucrative contract possible for his agent. The Brewers ...

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Article written by Boris Yovchev

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