Top 10 Latin Starting Pitchers: The Legacy of Our Latin Legends

Posted: 31st December 2009 by Jonathan Stilwell in MLB
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á During my childhood, when I was first learning about baseball, I can remember asking my father, ôWho is a good pitcher?öá We lived near Washington D.C., and the hapless Senators offered little to root for, but my father answered, "Now Camilo Pascual, heÆs a good pitcher.á But itÆs hard on him, because Washington is never very good.öá I can vaguely remember him saying something about Pascual keeping a good ERA and pitching many good games, even though it was hard to win. Over the years, IÆve found myself drawn to root for many of the Latin players who came to our country and paved the way for todayÆs players.á I always enjoyed following MarichalÆs stats in the Sunday paper and loved his style when I got to see him pitch. Later Tony Perez was my favorite player on my hometown ...

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Article written by Jonathan Stilwell

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