The Phillies Don’t Really Expect To Win The World Series, Do They?

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Scott Eisenlohr in MLB
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Shane Victorino in a cheerleader skirt graced the front page of Tuesday's New York Post with the headline, "Gotham Trembles." The paperácalled the Phillies "The Frillies." The town's other publication (save the New York Times), even picked on the Philly Phanatic, shown above. New York Daily News writer Joanna Malloy calledáthe Phillies top mascot a ôgreen, pig-nosed monsterö in a column today that trashed all things Philadelphia. ôBelieve it or not, people down here in Silly-delphia actually think the Phillies will beat the Yankees in the World Series, which starts tomorrow,ö Malloy writes.á ôMass delusion may be a better term for the phenomenon.ö The casual Yankees fan thinks it is a mere formality that the Yankees claim their 27th World Series title.á Wikianswers said that the ...

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