Strikeouts Do Not Stop Teams From Scoring

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Harold Friend in MLB
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It's an almost certainty that in 2009 every American League team will have struck out at least 1,000 times. Oakland has 998 strikeouts, Chicago has 986, New York has 975, Minnesota is at 973, and Baltimore has the fewest with 970. The league average for team strikeouts is 1,052.

The Mets Will Not Have 1,000 Strikeouts

The only National League teams that have fewer than 1,000 strikeouts are the Mets (907) and the Astros (951). Both are offensively challenged teams, and with only a few games remaining, it's unlikely that either will reach 1,000 team strikeouts. The National League averages 1,099 strikeouts per team.

Every Team Struck Out At Least 1,000 Times

In 1997 and again in 2001, every National League team had at least 1,000 strikeouts. Of course, the Nati ...

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