Silent No More: A Declaration for the Forgotten MLB Teams

Posted: 14th December 2009 by Christopher Murphy in MLB
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I try to keep it to myself.á I try to just let it slide.á I try to just move on and say, "They will do better next time." Unfortunately, they never do better.á I'm tired of the larger sports media outlets simply getting things wrong when publishing "top" lists.á When I say "wrong," I mean completely ridiculous and not even arguable.á It is one thing to post an opinion that is arguable, but it is another thing to post it when it is just plain wrong and conveniently focused on one part of the country.á You can say Led Zeppelin is the best rock band in the world, and, although I can argue against that, it is extremely understandable why you have that opinion.á You can't say KISS is the best rock band in the world because that is just plain wrong, and no amount of makeup or fire can m ...

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Article written by Christopher Murphy

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