San Francisco Giants: With Sue Burns Gone, Is Ownership Now in Trouble?

Posted: 15th December 2009 by Steve Anglin, Sc.M. in MLB
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With the passing of Giants' Principle Owner Sue Burns earlier this year, is San Francisco Giants' current ownership, led by Bill Neukom, in trouble? Where there's smoke, there is or at least maybe some fire. The Giants are in a slow motion back peddle on their specific commitment to winning in a specific timeline and how much they can spend...even with contracts off the books of Bengie Molina, Randy Winn, and more. Now, it's still possible the Giants can pull off a miracle trade for Uggla, etc. Also, there may be offers out there to Nick Johsnon, DeRosa, and LaRoche, but they are just offers.   And, right now, as the team stands, the talent level is clearly lower than what was here just a few months ago. Reasons why this is and why the Giants players payroll will stay at or likel ...

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Article written by Steve Anglin, Sc.M.

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