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As I do every day, I was reading Buster Olney's daily column. In this particular column (sorry, behind the insider wall), he was discussing Type-A free agents and whether or not they would be offered arbitration. The Yankees had two players, Damon and Pettitte, on the list and I was interested to see what the executives Buster polled had to say about them. I was very surprised with their answers, to say the least. Here is what he had to say on Pettitte: Andy Pettitte, Yankees: He will earn about $10.5 million in salary, roster bonuses, and performances bonuses this season. Three predict that he will be offered arbitration, three say no. "They weren't willing to offer this to him last year, so why would they this year?" asked one official rhetorically. Here's one reason the Yankees likely w ...

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Article written by Greg F.

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