Mariners and Cubs Exchange Problems

Posted: 19th December 2009 by Kendall Salter in MLB
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á How do you think that conversation went? á Cubs GM: "I'll give you a career .277 hitter with average power and average fielding ability." á Mariners GM: "Alright. We could use an outfielder to fill a hole in our team. Never hurts to have a decent bat." á Cubs GM: "What could we get in return?" á Mariners GM: "We'll give you a recently-injured pitcher who hasn't had a winning season in four years and has a huge contract." á Cubs GM: "An extra arm never hurts. By the way, the guy we're giving you is a noted clubhouse cancer, never seems to work out, and is liable to explode at any moment and ruin the chemistry of your team and all the hard work you have put in thisáoff season." á Mariners GM: "Well that's good, because the guy we're giving you is washed up and probably a terrible f ...

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