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It was a line uttered by a wisecracking former player for the Cleveland Indians. Its genealogy dates back to the mid-1980s. ôThe first thing they do when they find out you have talent in Cleveland,ö the player said, ôis trade you for three guys who donÆt.ö That observation was made because of curious personnel decisions that the Indians front office had been making, none of which involved money. Just plain baseball. IÆd like to update that missive. The first thing teams NOT named the Yankees and Red Sox do when they find out you have talent, is trade you for three guys who donÆt make any money. The Winter Meetingsùand this isnÆt all that long agoùused to be a gathering of big kids in suits with bubblegum cards rubber-banded together. ôGive me your Freddy Lynn and IÆll give you ...

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Article written by Greg Eno

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