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What we know right now is that there is one team pursuing Matt Holliday. Despite Scott Boras' best antics, everyone that follows baseball knows only the St. Louis Cardinals are in the running for Holliday. Why hasn't Holliday signed yet? Boras. Boras won't let Holliday sign until they have exhausted every option and gotten the offer they want from the Cardinals. In other words, he wants to prolong this until he gets his way. Boras is like a whiny little child in the grocery store line wanting a candy bar. He'll whine, cry, scream, and fight until that candy bar is his...even if the client looks bad in the process. Boras is the face of what is wrong with the sport of baseball. The good news is that teams aren't playing his game anymore. The Alex Rodriguez contract saga, Kenny Rogers firing ...

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Article written by Joel Koch

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