Less Is Mauer: Why Zack Greinke Is the AL MVP

Posted: 22nd November 2009 by Lewie Pollis in MLB
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In discussing the Cy Young award, the debate is hindered by the question of what, exactly, the voters are judging the players on. In the 2009 NL Cy Young race, for example, people who look primarily to playersÆ skill sets supported Tim Lincecum. Writers who decide based on the impact a pitcher has on a team endorsed Chris Carpenter. And voters with limited cognitive abilities to analyze statistics cast their ballots for Adam Wainwright. Luckily, the Most Valuable Player award has the criterion right in the title; the winner is (theoretically) the player who contributes most to the success of a team. The best way to measure that, of course, is Win Probability Added (also known as Win Percentage Added or WPA).á If you are unfamiliar with sabermetrics, a teamÆs Win Probability is the winni ...

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Article written by Lewie Pollis

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