Fresh TakeùPlaxico, Urban and Lane, Twitter and WNBA

Posted: 23rd September 2009 by SportsChLeague in MLB, NBA
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Do you want to hear a dirty joke?  A white horse ran through a mud puddle.  Okay, I’ll stick with sports. So let’s jump right into today’s SCL’s Fresh Take. It is sad day when someone appears in court and has to say goodbye to his young child and pregnant wife because he just received a prison sentence. It is even sadder when the person is a celebrity and possibly plays for your favorite NFL team. Plaxico Burress was escorted off to the Pokey yesterday for what will amount to an almost two-year incarceration for carrying a gun where he shouldn’t have. FOLKS! This is not the Wild West and plain ‘ole common citizens don’t need to be packing heat when they are in public. Where does this sub-culture come from? Where does the paranoia come fro ...

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