Colorado Rockies Deal with New Word: Expectations

Posted: 28th March 2010 by David Martin in MLB
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The 2010 Colorado Rockies face a challenge that no other Rockies team before them has faced. They are blazing trails that some baseball fans in the Rocky Mountain region once felt were impossible to blaze. This 2010 Rockies team is dealing with a word never thrust upon them before: Expectations . Sure, the 2008 team had their fair share of excitement surrounding them. Fans rummaged through all of their Broncos, Avalanche, and Nuggets apparel looking for the Rockies hat that they buried after Mike Hampton served up yet another home run in 2002, en route to the most expensive 6.15 ERA that Major League Baseball had ever seen. Sure, the same fans who set nearly every attendance record that exists in Major League Baseball were chomping at the bit to become baseball fans again. There were ex ...

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