Chavez For Soriano: Maybe a Second Or Third Look Is Needed

Posted: 10th December 2009 by Benjamin upchurch in MLB
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On my initial look at the Soriano/Chavez trade I nearly punched a hole in my wall. Comparing Chavez to Soriano major stats in 2009 is extremely one sided. Soriano had a outstanding year 2.97(ERA)/102(K)/1.06(WHIP). Chavez had a decent year for a first year reliever 4.01(ERA)/47(K)/1.35(WHIP). Chavez has also shown a weakness for RH batters. Why would the braves trade a highly rated veteran for a unknown? áMaybe a second look will help answer that. Looking deeper opens up some different points for Chavez though. áBoth Chavez and Soriano had 4 blown saves in 2009. áSoriano did have 8.1 more innings that year plus Chavez did play for the Pirates. While pitching for a losing team, Chavez had only 2 less HLD's than Gonzalez in 2009. Soriano worst month last year was September, his ERA was o ...

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