Boston Red Sox to Play in Australia in 2010?

Posted: 5th December 2009 by Adam Bernacchio in MLB
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Sometimes professional sports leagues do things I really just donÆt understand. According to the Daily Telegraph in Australia, the Boston Red Sox will play a major league game in Australia in 2010. The newspaper sites that talks have been ongoing now for a couple of months between the Red Sox and Sydney officials. The games would be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground . I understand that baseball wants to expand their game outside of the United States, which is why we have the World Baseball Classic, but this is ridiculous. This is like the NFL playing games in London, but worse. Why do Commissioners feel the need to force their sport onto countries who donÆt care? People in London donÆt care about football and people in Australia donÆt care about baseball. Will the games sell out in ...

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Article written by Adam Bernacchio

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