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Jason Bay. Lyle Overbay. No, they don't play for Tampa Bay. But they may be playing for the city on the (Puget) "Sound," if the Seattle Mariners, or at least Mariners writers like Andy Augur, have their way. In 2009, the Mariners were something like No. 7 in the American League playoff sweepstakes. That was despite American League-leading team pitching. But "offense" is something that the Mariners have historically lacked; they were in the bottom third in this regard. Which is why they might pay a premium for it. A few more games could push them at least to No. 5, hopefully to No. 4 in their league. Offensively, the Mariners' weakest areas are the left field and the corner infield slots. Which is where Bay and Overbay come into picture. Jason Bay, certainly. On offense, he is a five "win a ...

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Article written by Tom Au

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