Baseball Short Stories: Race To the Plate

Posted: 10th December 2009 by Schmitters in MLB
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This is a short story I wrote in sixth grade. I thought I might as well post it on here for you to read: á The stadium was filled with people. The Braves were playing the Mets to decide who would dominate the National League East. In the clubhouse, the room was full of uncertainty. á ôIÆm so nervous!ö exclaimed rookie Jeff Barber. á ôDonÆt worry,ö the first baseman, Lawrence Slade said. ôYouÆll do fine.ö á ôI remember my first game,ö recalled Garrett Flynn. ôI came up with the bases loaded in the sixth. I got a great pitch and crushed it. It went into the gap and I got a triple out of it.ö á ôOkay guys,ö the Braves skipper, Pat Moran said. The docile team turned toward Moran. á ôThis is probably the most important game of your lives. All of you have the potential to b ...

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