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In the grand scheme of things, baseball is a kid's game. It makes heroes out of ordinary men. It makes celebrities out of lowlifes like Jose Canseco and John Rocker. It turns cities against each otherùsometimes, even boroughs of the same city. Its victories and defeats are celebrated and suffered with pure emotion. It can make an 18-year-old kid lean out of his 14th-floor dormitory window at one in the morning and joyfully scream "Boston Sucks!" at the top of his lungs out into Washington Square Park. It compels the people down below to join in when they hear it. It can drive men crazy with rage and grief. It leads to fists hammering through walls, and beer bottles shattering against sidewalks. It leads to fights, and tears, and jail time, and sleeplessness, and seasonal depression. It is ...

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Article written by Tom Schecter

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