Are The First Place Cincinnati Reds For Real?

Posted: 18th May 2010 by Jesse Dorsey in MLB
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There are three things that any given ball club can do in order to give it a fighting chance at making the playoffs: score more runs than you allow, have a defense that is not inept, and beat the teams in your division. Scoring more runs than you allow obviously gives you a game-winning formula night in and night out. It is a simple and obvious concept, but it is hard to execute. Having a defense that will help you more than hinder you is a bit harder.  You will eventually have to weigh the pros of having a weak defender who is a good hitter, especially in the National League with no DH to bail you out. Beating the teams within your division gives you a leg up on the competition and makes it so you don't have to hope that someone else beats your rivals to regain games in the L column. ...

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