Albert Haynesworth Falls Down on the Job

Posted: 27th December 2009 by Jarrett Carter in MLB
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Maybe Albert Haynesworth hates Greg Blache , and maybe heÆs exactly right to require a better system by which the Redskins can wreak havoc. And yes, maybe $100 million dollars should buy him a little more input on how to improve a system that is pretty darn good. But even if the RedskinsÆ defensive scheme was the worst in the league, is it a stretch to ask one of the best defensive players in the league toiling in it to suck it up and roll with the punches? I mean, what does he have to lose? Pride? Nothing he couldnÆt rebuild with a couple of Five Guys franchises to his name. Stats? His is a career not built on numbers, but physically impressive play that game film hugs like his Christmas sweater from 2001. And if itÆs any consolation, itÆs something that most of the Redskins defender ...

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