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Numbers Game: Time For a Reset Button on Sweater Numbers

Posted: 2nd October 2009 by Voodoo Chili in NHL
Blame it on Gretzky, Lemieux, the Canadiens, or even the New York Yankees. At one point in time, hockey-sweater numbers had a nice simple rule to them. Goaltenders wore number 1, or a number from 20-35. Defencemen wore 2-6 or 20-29. Forwards wore anything between 7 and 29. It was simple, and it worked in the same way that Danish modern furniture does; it's not fancy, but it's simplicity keeps people too distracted ...

Time For The NHL Playoff Beard To Go The Way Of The Macarena

Posted: 30th September 2009 by Voodoo Chili in NHL
I will admit my bias up-front: I have always hated the NY Islanders. Other than admiration for the skills of Mike Bossy and tremendous respect for Clark Gillies, I never liked much of anything about the franchise. Bryan Trottier, Denis Potvin, the horrible Gorton's Fisherman logo they adopted for a while, Long Island in general. Ugh. So, with the genesis of the playoff beard coming from the Islanders, I never liked ...