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Tampa Bay Rays Lose a Tough One…to Matt Wieters

Posted: 17th September 2009 by Sean Heyboer in MLB
The anointed one finally showed us why he has celebrity status in Baltimore already. Not only did the Rays lose again last night, making it 147 losses in their last 148 games it seems like, but they were beaten by one player and one player only. Matt Wieters singlehandedly dismantled the Rays. I hate that I have to continuously write about how disappointed I am with this team right now, but what ...

Hey Tampa Bay Rays, Thanks For Finally Showing Up Last Night

Posted: 15th September 2009 by Sean Heyboer in MLB
Under normal circumstances, winning a Sept. 14 game against the Baltimore Orioles would be a big one. Under normal circumstances, David Price's seven strong innings or Reid Brignac's 4-for-4 night would be a cause for elation. But under normal circumstances, the Tampa Bay Rays wouldn't be just getting over an 11-game losing streak. What is there to get excited about any more this year? Even a win reminds us that this team was only a ...

Tampa Bay Rays’ 2009 Season: What Went Wrong?

Posted: 11th September 2009 by Sean Heyboer in MLB
Coming into the season it was widely known that the Rays would have a fight on their hands. We all knew the defending American League champions were going to have to participate in a Battle Royale for AL East supremacy. What we couldn't have predicted, however, was that it would be the Rays themselves, and not the juggernauts of the East that would lead to their ultimately demise.  Let's take a look ...