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Joba Chamberlain: Throwing Fuel in the Fire

Posted: 11th July 2010 by Scott Gyurina in MLB
To tell you the truth, I loathe to even broach this subject. It has been debated to death by every fan, writer, media pundit, and cab driver with even a modicum of interest in the New York Yankees. Unfortunately, the issue must be addressed, and the time is now. What do the Yankees do with Joba Chamberlain? This isn't a re-visitation of the tired discussion of whether Joba is best ...

Out Of Order: Derek Jeter Not Getting It Done in the Leadoff Spot

Posted: 21st June 2010 by Scott Gyurina in MLB
Fellow Yankee fans, before you accuse me of high treason or blaspheming our dear captain, please heed my plea for understanding. As a lifelong fan of the team, I have long loved Derek Jeter and cherish his numerous contributions to the latest run of success in the Bronx. I am fully aware that the Yankees just won a World Series last year and the team is currently claiming ownership of the ...