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AFC West Predictions: Do the Raiders Return to Form?

Posted: 20th May 2010 by Patrick Mitchell in NFL
The AFC west has been a joke in past years. It's only been about the San Diego Chargers. The Raiders have had seven straight 11-or-more-loss seasons, the Chiefs are just as bad, and the Broncos just can't finish what they start. This article is my prediction (some people may say bold) for the AFC West and their teams.   First - San Diego Chargers Last season the Chargers finished 13-3, but then ...

AFC East Predictions

Posted: 19th May 2010 by Patrick Mitchell in NFL
The AFC East might very well be the most competitive division in the NFL next year.  The division has 3 potential playoff teams (and then the Bills).   To start lets look at last years winners, the New England Patriots.   Tom Brady is back, and the Golden Boy at least has a few more years left in him.  Some people are questioning his "edge" because of the time he is ...