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Braylon Edwards Is a New York Jet…Surprised?

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Nick Deplitch in NFL
After assaulting a member of LeBron James's entourage, Cleveland has finally elected to get rid of Mr Drops.á Good choice.á They are in a rebuilding stage.á Mangini might have actually done something right here in moving Braylon Edwards while he still has some value, although that value is dropping fast.á They received Chansi Stuckey and a third year backup linebacker, Jason Trunsik plus two undisclosed draft picks. It seems like an even ...

NY Jets Look Sharp in Opener against Houston

Posted: 14th September 2009 by Nick Deplitch in NFL
This game had quite a few story lines for the New York Jets...all of them finishing with happy endings. Rex Ryan and his coaching staff deserve to be applauded for how they orchestrated the game. The offensive adjustments were solid and defensively they brought an aggressive game plan, which is needed when facing a prolific offense. It was a great first win for the first time head coach. The most talked ...