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Boston Celtics: The Window To Win Is Over

Posted: 18th June 2010 by Nick Caso in NBA
There is no one on earth who hates the Lakers more than I do.  From the very un-masculine purple and gold uniforms to the egotistical jackass that is Phil Jackson, I hate everything that is associated with the Lakers.  However, let me congratulate them on being handed, excuse me, winning another championship.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying they did not deserve it, but the Celtics did ...

Boston Red Sox: 2010 Roster Breakdown

Posted: 4th January 2010 by Nick Caso in MLB
After doing a breakdown of the Yankees 2010 roster kast week, I figured I would do the same for the rival Red Sox. After a disappointing end to a roller coaster season, the Red Sox will look to rebound into World Series contention in 2010. They have several question marks going into the season, but the Sox have been masters at finding ways to overcome adversity. So without futher ...

New York Yankees: 2010 Roster Breakdown

Posted: 30th December 2009 by Nick Caso in MLB
It is time to start looking towards the new MLB season. While many Yankee fans are still relishing in their 27th World Championship glory, it is time to gear up for another exciting season of Yankee baseball. I decided to do a breakdown of the Yankees current roster. This will give everyone a look at the Yankees lineup and rotation. Without further ado, let's begin!Begin Slideshow

MLB: New York Yankees-Philadelphia Phillies World Series Preview

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Nick Caso in MLB
Well folks, we are finally here; the World Series.á This has been a long season that has been filled with some pretty interesting moments.á Whether it was Alex Rodriguez admitting to steroid use, Randy Johnson winning his 300th game, or Ichiro collecting his 2,000th hit in only 1,402 games, it has been a great season. Now that all is said and done, we have our two remaining teams: The New York ...