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2011 NFL Draft, Safeties: My, How the Times Have Changed

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Michael Sudds in NFL
I was given the task of evaluating the free safeties, and strong safeties for the 2011 NFL draft for The “Tekkies” wanted rankings for each player’s primary position, and rankings for each player’s secondary position. So, off I went on my strong and free safety stats hunt. Spreadsheets were constructed. 64 players were evaluated on 2009 tackling skills and ball skills. The free safeties and strong safeties were segregated according ...

Our Favorite Detriot Lions Internet Resources for Discussion

Posted: 18th May 2010 by Michael Sudds in NFL
I’m antsy! Not a good thing for an old Jarhead. With so little going on with our Lions these days, I thought that I’d open a discussion about our favorite Internet resources for Lions information, news, and chat. I have broken the websites into four categories: Daily Surfing Rituals, Sites For Research and Analysis, NFL Draft Sites, and Entertaining Sites With Lions Implications. Daily Surfing Rituals (AKA Hanging until at least Ten) I ...