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Atlanta Hawks Looking to Fly High

Posted: 20th October 2009 by Matthew Mooney in NBA
With the most successful post season in the last 20 years behind them, the Atlanta Hawks are poised to make even more noise than they've made over the last two seasons. After a few abysmal seasons, the Hawks finally turned it around in '07-'08 by picking Al Horford and trading for Mike Bibby.á They stunned the league by not only skating into the playoffs, but taking the top seeded Celtics to ...

Honoring David Robinson

Posted: 11th September 2009 by Matthew Mooney in NBA
The San Antonio Spurs are one of my two favorite teams.  David Robinson is the reason I have followed them so closely even from Atlanta. Somewhere around 1986, NBA scouts began to report on a freak of nature that happened to play center for the Navy, not really known for their basketball prowess. David Robinson came out of nowhere, and the first time I saw a scouting video, my mouth stood agape ...