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No LeBron… What’s Plan B?

Posted: 28th September 2009 by Matthew Jones in NBA
Let's be honest for a minute. Yes, it's New York City. Yes, it's the media capital of the world. Yes, MSG is theáMecca of basketball.áYes, it's a marketing dream. Lastly, Yes, LeBron is staying ináCleveland. There, I said it,ánow we can get down to business. We all know theáKnicks plan, andáwe've known for what seems like 50 years, the goal for that summer of 2010 is cap space, cap space, ...

ESPN and Baseball Bias

Posted: 25th September 2009 by Matthew Jones in MLB
Being the baseball fan that I am, this time of year really gets exciting. The playoffs are just around the corner and division races are in full swing. I start searching the web, for as much insight into how the end of the season and playoffs might unfold. My search is past Monday took me to, the world wide leader in sports. I stumbled upon an article written ...