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Buffalo Sabres: Darcy Regier Has Fans Fired Up

Posted: 2nd July 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
Many Sabres fans, including myself, became furious over the fact that Darcy Regier hadn't made any moves on July 1st. With every signing, it seemed like the Sabres chances of improving became slimmer. Before free agency even began, the only thing Regier did was re-sign Mike Grier, which was a solid move. That still left six unrestricted free agents on the team, leaving around $14 million of space ...

Buffalo Sabres: Top Five Dates on 2010-11 Schedule

Posted: 25th June 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
With 82 games, you may not be able to catch them all. For all the Sabres fans, here are the ones you should be looking forward to the most.Begin Slideshow
General Manager Darcy Regier has not been known for making many trades over the years, but some have worked out to improve the team. Here is a look back at the best and worst Sabres trades over the last decade.Begin Slideshow

2010-11 NHL Season Preview: How Next Season Will Be Even Better

Posted: 15th June 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
This past season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs attracted the largest audience ever. According to , on Wednesday, June 9, (Game 6) and the day preceding, five of the top 20 searches on Google were Stanley Cup-related. At this time, the NHL has never been better. With so many fans engaged and anticipating every moment of the sport, the NHL has reached new heights. Even with ...

The Draft, UFA’s and Sabres Quick Hits

Posted: 15th June 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
Edmonton/Boston: Will A Trade Be Made? As draft day approaches, the question remains: Taylor or Tyler? Edmonton has given no hints as to whom it plans on taking with the first overall pick, but most analysts concur that Taylor Hall will go first overall in the 2010 draft. This is despite the fact that the Central Scouting Bureau ranks Seguin number one. It seems that raw ...

Biggest Surprises and Upsets of 2009-2010 Season

Posted: 11th June 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
Perhaps the most anti-climatic goal in playoff overtime history, but it still counts. The Chicago Blackhawks had an unbelievable ride to the top this past season, and they deserved to win the Stanley Cup. Just a few days later, it’s already time to start looking ahead to next season. The NHL draft is only a couple of weeks away, as well as the award ceremony. On June ...

Stanley Cup 2010: Why the Hawks Will Struggle in Game Six

Posted: 9th June 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
The Stanley Cup has arrived in Philadelphia for game six tonight. However, it is the Chicago Blackhawks that have the opportunity to win it in front of the sea of orange. After a 7-4 pounding of the Flyers in game 5, Chicago hopes to avoid a game seven and win Lord Stanley tonight. Regardless of who the better team is, Chicago is going to have a ...

Big Chances Ahead for Buffalo Sabres

Posted: 8th June 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
With numerous talented free agents hitting the market this summer, expect the Buffalo Sabres to be involved. While they may not have done much in the past, this year should be different. Buffalo will see many changes over the next few years, and this upcoming season is just a start. Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier are likely on their way out in the next season or two. ...

Martin Biron: More than a Backup

Posted: 6th May 2010 by Kevin Freiheit in NHL
Coming off of the worst season of his career with the New York Islanders, Martin Biron will be looking for a new contract this summer. General Manager Darcy Regier wouldn't comment on Biron, but said the Sabres will need a veteran goalie. It couldn't be better timing. Patrick Lalime's two-year contract comes to an end this year, giving Buffalo a couple of options for a backup goaltender. Two years ago, the ...