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Boston Red Sox Fantasy Retrospective

Posted: 24th November 2009 by Jonathan Williams in MLB
Last offseason, the Red Sox made a concerted effort to bolster their offense by signing Mark Teixeira.áThere were also several rumors of them attempting to trade for various offensive stars. They also seemed determined to upgrade their captain Jason Varitek with a younger, more offensively oriented catcher. They pretty much failed in every effort. However, the team projected as stacked, and there were few public concerns. Then David Ortiz, the heart of ...

Baltimore Orioles Fantasy Retrospective

Posted: 16th November 2009 by Jonathan Williams in MLB
The Baltimore Orioles are very close to re-emerging as a force in the American League East. They have the core of a solid lineup in place. The offense is led my right fielder Nick Markakis (.293/.347/.453) and features several emerging young hitters. Matt Wieters will catch and although he did not look like it in 2009 could be the best hitter on the team. Adam Jones , the center fielder ...

Edmonton Oilers Go Camping with New Coach, New System

Posted: 14th September 2009 by Jonathan Williams in NHL
Warm summer weather in Edmonton is one to enjoy outdoors, especially with the deep winter not that far away. Yet in a city where hockey is king, about a few hundred diehards showed up Monday to watch the Oilers open practice. The third day of Oilers training camp saw the team playing their first real scrimmage. After a summer of a lot of nothing going on, fans were happy to see them ...