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NFL Trade News: Bills and Bolts To Swing a Deal?

Posted: 17th February 2010 by Jeremy Juhasz in NFL
Kyle Williams' article touched on this with his post "2010 NFL Offseason: Chargers Eyeing Lynch," but new details emerged via Chris Mortensen regarding the Charges wishes to find a new RB to replace LT. Per Mortensen and other various reports, the Chargers are shopping Antonio Cromartie to acquire a new staple back. I think a trade involving Cromartie for Lynch makes a lot of sense for both teams. The Bills new ...

Buffalo Bills: Resurecting an Image of a Downtrodden Franchise

Posted: 7th January 2010 by Jeremy Juhasz in NFL
You're probably wondering what I was smoking when I decided to crop an unfocused, seemingly innocent photo of a turned over Buffalo Bills helmet.á But as the 'ole ball coach Lee Corso would say, "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND." See, this photo is brilliant. It's telling. It's compelling. It's the Bills franchise as it stands: a franchise in turmoil, a franchise lost.á I'm a Bills fan, but this team has been a joke ...

Bills Fire Every Coach; Will Interview Fewell This Week

Posted: 4th January 2010 by Jeremy Juhasz in NFL
Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports the entire coaching staff at One Bills Drive has been given the pink slip. Interim Coach Perry Fewell will interview early this week, according to the report. The report also cites potential candidates for the next head coach, including Bill Cowher, whom the Bills met with last week.Read more NFL news on
When the Buffalo Bills new General Manager was introduced I was perplexed like many fans. Now that Buddy ( not the Will Farrel elf) is in charge of personnel decisions at One Bills Drive, my attention didn't immediately turn to who the next head coach would be.á Instead, I thought who's this new general manager bringing in and perhaps more importantly, who's out the door.á The first player that came to mind, and ...

Buffalo Bills Are a Disaster and Fans Are in a Pickle

Posted: 2nd November 2009 by Jeremy Juhasz in NFL
Excuse me for not writing in quite sometime, but I feel it's time to say something. The Buffalo Bills are one of two of the worst franchises in the NFL right now. The other being the Oakland Raiders, and we all know why. But the Bills are nipping at the heelsáof Al Davis' franchise. This nonsense at One Bills Drive has to cease at some point right? I'm not holding my breath, considering ...