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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Baltimore Ravens

Posted: 22nd December 2009 by Jeff Wolfson in NFL
The Baltimore Ravens have played their way back in to the playoffs with two dominant victories over the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. Now they have to beat their archrival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, even if the Ravens beat Pittsburgh, it does not guarantee them a playoff spot, at least not yet. á If Baltimore wants to make it simple and clinch the playoffs, all they have to do is defeat Pittsburgh ...

Baltimore Ravens To Have Formidible Passing Attack In Week 2

Posted: 14th September 2009 by Jeff Wolfson in NFL
The performance that I want to focus on from Week One is the passing game. Joe Flacco was very accurate completing 26 of 43 passes.   All this means to me is that Flacco has continued his growth in to his sophomore NFL season. He also had his best day as a pro throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns.   What made Flacco’s performance even more impressive was his ability to spread ...