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Baltimore Ravens Would Be Wise To Consult Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Posted: 31st December 2009 by Jake Rubin in NFL
Although the names and faces have changed, the storyáreads eerily the same. As the Baltimore Ravens prepare to take on the Oakland Raiders this Sundayùa win to get in scenario for a postseason berthùit might just be in their best interests to seek some consulting advice from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team of last year. For those that donÆt remember, let us reflect on the happenings of Dec. 28, 2008 at Raymond ...

NFL Playoff Scenarios: For Ravens, Conjuring Memories of 2008

Posted: 21st December 2009 by Jake Rubin in NFL
Christmas has seemingly come early for the Baltimore Ravens this year. After dismantling a pitiful Chicago Bears team yesterday, the Ravens emerged to find themselves in prime position for an AFC Wild Card spot in the post season. The Ravens unwrapped four precious gifts from their playoff competition as Jacksonville (7-7), Miami (7-7), and the New York Jets (7-7) all turned in Week 15 losses. Denver (8-6) was also upstaged late at ...

Ravens Showing Confidence in Subtle Humor, Irony

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Jake Rubin in NFL
If you saw Ravens Head Coach John Harbuagh's press conference Monday afternoon, you couldn't help but chuckle about the exchange he claims to have had with special teams stand-out Brendon Ayanbadejo. When asked his thoughts on Ayanbadejo's increased roll on the team's defensive sub-packages, Harbaugh was a little uneasy about the Pro Bowl linebacker's mindset. ôHe told me something last week that kind of bothered me,ö Harbaugh said.á ôHe told me that ...