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Ohio State-Indiana Week Five Preview: Free History Lesson Included

Posted: 28th September 2009 by HD Handshoe -- in NBA
In the words of Eminem's song Slim Shady, "Will the real Indiana (and Michigan for that matter) please stand up?The untested Michigan Wolverines are now 4-0 while the surprising Indiana Hoosiers are 3-1, their only loss coming to the Wolverines, but more on that in a bit.The Ohio State Buckeyes are 3-1, and probably should be 4-0. We won't dwell on the past mistakes that led to the loss against ...

Ohio State: With Four Games In The Books, Just How Good Is This Defense?

Posted: 27th September 2009 by HD Handshoe -- in NBA, NFL
Written by Michael PeriattB/R Ohio State Featured ColumnistùBlockONation ContributorEver since Matt Barkley's heartbreaking drive, the Ohio State defense hasn't allowed a single point.Not one.I don't know if they're carrying a chip on their shoulder or just hitting their stride, but the two game shut-out streak is the first in 13 years.I can't attest for a long Buckeye history (I'm 17-years-old), but when I think of classic Buckeye defenses, I think ...