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It Was My Fault: Why the 49ers Lost Against the Texans

Posted: 25th October 2009 by George Duryea in NFL
Now, you might wonder why I would have a picture of Joe Montana for an article about the San Francisco 49ers game against the Houston Texans. You might also wonder why I blame myself for the loss when I was San Francisco at the time. Let me explain: I have two 49ers jerseys that I wear on game days. I either wear Patrick Willis, or Joe Montana. Last year, I ...

Michael Crabtree Never Wanted to Be a 49er: One Image Says It All

Posted: 17th September 2009 by George Duryea in NFL
First, let me be clear, the image I am talking about is not the one on this column. To see the image, I recommend you go here and go 26 seconds into the clip. After Michael Crabtree was informed he would play for Mike Singletary and the "Run at All Costs" offense, he has a look on his face that does not show the slightest bit of enthusiasm. In fact, he looks ...