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Major League Baseball: Midseason Award Predictions

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Doug Phipps in MLB
As it looks like the Rangers have acquired Cliff Lee, the baseball landscape completely changes. The Twins and Tigers look like they no longer have a legitimate shot at a World Series title, while the Rangers make a huge leap and are looking like a good bet to be a championship contender. Begin Slideshow

Rookies in Major League Baseball: 2010

Posted: 12th June 2010 by Doug Phipps in MLB
While the MLB season isn't halfway over, it's time we started discussing how good rookies have really been this season. We've seen surprises like Brennan Boesch and Jaime Garcia, as well as guys like Jason Heyward (left) who we've known would be good all along. This slideshow will display all the rookies at their best. Begin Slideshow
With all the hype surrounding Opening Day, I've been hearing more and more about the Mariners.   Stop it.  Please.   Have they improved this off-season?  Of course.  They've improved plenty.  But not nearly enough to win the AL West.  This is what their lineup looks like it will be: RF Ichiro Suzuki 2B Chone Figgins LF Milton Bradley 3B Jose Lopez DH Ken Griffey Jr.  1B Casey Kotchman CF Franklin Gutierrez C Rob Johnson SS Jack Wilson This lineup has ...

Saints-Cowboys: Cowboys Win Leaves Colts as Last Undefeated

Posted: 20th December 2009 by Doug Phipps in NFL
All season there has been talk about an unprecedented two teams going undefeated. á Last night, all that talk was put to rest as the Saints lost to Dallas 24-17 in theáSuper Dome. á DeMarcus Ware was pretty banged up coming into the game. á It didn't show. á Ware showed up with two sacks and two forced fumbles, leading the Cowboys defense to a win. á Miles Austin showed up, cementing himself as one ...

The Mike Lowell Trade to the Texas Rangers Falls Through

Posted: 20th December 2009 by Doug Phipps in MLB
Recently, Theo Epstein proposed a trade to the Rangers: Mike Lowell and cash for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. á Ramirez was the eighth best prospect in a stacked Rangers organization. á The Rangers agreed. á Pending physicals. á Mike Lowell failed his, and needs surgery that will keep him out until just after the start of spring training. áNow while this may seem like a good thing for many Sox fans, as Lowell ...

Memo To Boston Red Sox: Go Get One More Free Agent, There Are Plenty

Posted: 16th December 2009 by Doug Phipps in MLB
We hear the Red Sox need a 1B. á Well, guess what. á There are indeed plenty of free agent options out there. áBut do we hear Theo Epstein getting involved with them? á Nope. á I don't understand this, honestly. Nick Johnson, Russell Branyan, Carlos Delgado, Hank Blalock, Adam LaRoche, Aubrey Huff, and Ryan Garko are some who would fit the bill to name a few. á Yes, some will come with a price ...

LaRoche for Kotchman: A Move Gone Overlooked by Theo and the Red Sox

Posted: 15th December 2009 by Doug Phipps in MLB
Let's all take a step back a few months. á July 22, 2009: Boston Red Sox acquire 1B Adam LaRoche from the Pittsburgh Pirates for two prospects, neither big names. á July 31, 2009: Boston Red Sox acquire 1B Casey Kotchman from the Atlanta Braves for 1B Adam LaRoche. á At the time, most Sox fans thought of the LaRoche-Kotchman deal pretty much a steal for the Sox. á In Kotchman, we were supposedly ...

MLB Hot Stove: Lackey to Red Sox, Halladay to Phillies, Lee to M’s

Posted: 14th December 2009 by Doug Phipps in MLB
The winter meetings are underway, and multiple important details have already dripped out. áJason Bay is unlikely to re-sign with Boston. áBecause of this setback, the Sox have taken the opportunity and extra money from not signing Bay, and have invested it in John Lackey, a 31-year-old ace. áThe deal is about the same as Burnett's. áFive years for about 82.5 million dollars.á But Lackey and Bay aren't ...