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Will Pennington Return To The NFL After Another Shoulder Surgery?

Posted: 30th September 2009 by David Webner, M.D. in NFL
When Chad Pennington dislocated his shoulder ináMiami's loss to San Diego this past Sunday, many were thinking, "Will Pennington be able to come back and play in the NFL?" Let's examine Pennington's injury history, what he currently is suffering from, and whether it is feasible to expect another comeback from this tough NFL quarterback. Pennington has twice suffered tears in his rotator cuff -- a group of four shoulder muscles that ...

Donovan McNabb’s Injury May Allow Him To Return to Action By Next Week

Posted: 14th September 2009 by David Webner, M.D. in NFL
Donovan McNabb went down with a rib fracture in the Eagles' 38-10 win over the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday. The injury actually occurred after he had crossed the goal line. The Panthers' Damione Lewis's momentum carried him towards McNabb and he landed on McNabb's ribcage while he was already on the ground. Rib fractures are caused from direct trauma to the ribs, and usually result from an anterior (forwards) force, as we saw ...