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Terrell Owens: Welcome Back To the Buffalo Bills!

Posted: 11th March 2010 by Dan B. in NFL
Hey Buddy Nix...there is a very talented receiver that is available as a free agent....he could most likely get you about 55 receptions, over 800 yards, and at least six touchdowns. Buddy, do you think we need a guy like this? I do realize that Terrell is at the end of his career, BUT this is a guy that could help a rebuilding Bills team. If Terrell does not come back, the Bills ...

Michael Peca: An Open Letter

Posted: 10th September 2009 by Dan B. in NHL
Dear Mike, Within a few days the Buffalo Sabres will be starting the 2009-2010 NHL season with a major issue that has not been fully addressed this offseason. A lack of veteran leadership plagues the young Sabres. In my opinion your the perfect guy to fill this role. I realize that the Sabres probably have not contacted you, but why don't you contact them? Back in 1995-96 there was a guy you know ...

Michael Peca Offered a Tryout with the Buffalo Sabres?

Posted: 9th September 2009 by Dan B. in NHL
Just wondering is it true that Michael Peca will show up at Sabres training camp this weekend? Rumors circulating all around Buffalo have Mike showing up at Sabres training camp as a walk on player trying to make the team. If this is true, I feel this would improve the Buffalo Sabres locker room leadership as well as improve special teams. This team lacks leadership! even though the Sabres added ...