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LeBron’s Rebuttle: An Open Letter To Dan Gilbert

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Chris Golightly in NBA
Hey Dan.   It’s me, LeBron.   Eventually, your now-infamous "open letter" to Cleveland fans navigated its way through my normally impenetrable "narcissism" and into my sphere of awareness.   I read it.   It stung.   Now that I have had the chance to sleep on it, I realize I didn’t handle things as well as I should have. I was unprofessional. I was naïve. I helped engineer the hype machine and just keep chucking fuel into the swirling ...

Delhomme, Mangini, Owens, Mora Jr: Kicking Them When They’re Down

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Chris Golightly in NFL
The Cowboys' 21-7 victory over the Panthers Monday night put the finishing touches on another wildly entertaining weekend of football. Fans were treated to memorable performances and dramatic finishes, as well as a few flame outs and meltdowns. á ItÆs never okay to kick a man when heÆs down, unless that man collects millions of dollars while making a fool of himself on national TV. á Jake Delhomme looked terrific in marching the Panthers ...